An update on updates?


This comic was posted on a weekly schedule during the semester, for the most part, because I had to have at least 6 updates for the class it was used for.

Oh Joy is something I’ve actually been working on for about a year now and I’d really like to continue it.  In order to do that properly whilst also juggling school, I’m going to need a few weeks to do a few things before updates start to come in regularly again.

Some of those things include working on some more of the script, getting a backlog of pages finished (so that when I’m going crazy during finals I don’t miss updates, and also so that I can start updating more than once per week!)  I also need to get some more concept art, character design and world building out of the way so that everything comes together a little cleaner!

In the meantime, I update regularly on Tumblr and twitter with some of the illustrations and doodles and even layouts I work on for Oh Joy,  so click the links at the bottom of the page to follow me there if you’re waiting for your fix!  I’m really hoping to be on a regular schedule for updates before the end of April.  During that time you may still see pages here, it just may be more spontaneous!

Thank you for the patience and for reading Oh Joy; this comic means a lot to me.